Monitoring my injuries and exercise

I like to play tennis – have done since I was about six years old. Usually I try to play on Tuesday night and Saturday morning. But, as Head of the School of Psychology at the University of Newcastle, CEO of not to mention being the father of two gorgeous daughters I have a lot of commitments. So, how often do I really play? gives me an easy way to monitor what I’m doing. I play at a beautiful little club at Bar Beach. If you are ever in Newcastle you should pop in and say hi to Michael the head coach. Top bloke with an awesome backhand. If I type in “bar beach” I find That I have 33 results. Here is the streetview image showing what a cool little spot it is:

Tennis Court


Now if I go to the dropdown menu to the left of the search bar I can select the location calendar, which currently looks like this:

The darker squares are days on which I had 6-7 events, the lighter squares are days on which I was there for longer. Sometimes I take Phoebe, my six year old, down to the courts and she rides her bike and we fly her kite after I finish.
You can see that while I try to be consistent there are a lot of gaps. In particular, you can see a big gap in July and August 2016. That was a period when I injured my arm and had to lay off for a while. Christmas didn’t go so well and March has been a bit lean this year – it has been very rainy. You don’t have to take my word for it though. A query for rain and choosing the event calendar from the dropdown box shows my unique rain profile (customized to wherever I was):

The dark green days are the ones during which it was raining for most of the hours during the day. So you see is useful for alerting you when you aren’t keeping to your exercise schedule and for constructing more compelling excuses about why that is!